White Cart Water Flood Prevention Scheme

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Phase 3 involves the construction of 9 sections of flood defence. These are a combination of flood defence wall and embankment which will provide direct flood defence along sections of both the White Cart Water and Auldhouse Burn.

The flood defences have identifying Work Section (WS) reference numbers and will be constructed in locations across the Southside of as noted below:

In addition to the flood defence works the project will also deliver a length of riverbank stabilisation works:

A plan showing the location of the Phase 3 work sections can be viewed here

The walls will be constructed by using either below ground steel sheet piling or reinforced concrete foundations, with a concrete clad wall above ground. In some areas the above ground defence will be formed using an earth embankment. Two below ground stormwater pumping stations will also be installed as part of the project, these will operate to deliver water from the 'dry' side back into the river channel at times of high river level when gravity drainage isn't available.

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