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The White Cart Water, a tributary of the River Clyde, is an important wildlife corridor for many plants and animals, including otters, foxes, dippers, goosander and kingfishers along its length and salmon which are found downstream of Pollok weir. The rich vegetation covering the banks of the river provides cover and habitat for many species of bird and mammal. The river provides a refuge from predators and food for the different species which use it. The nature of the habitat provides a natural corridor through the urban landscape along which wild animals can travel largely unseen by the human population living and working so close nearby.

The White Cart Flood Prevention Scheme is a project which aims to provide relief and protection to homes and businesses from the frequent flood events that have in the past caused economic loss and misery. Although by necessity involving disruption to life on the river, the scheme has always incorporated plans to protect the natural habitat and wildlife of the river.

Before works were allowed to start along the river for the previous Phase 2, numerous ecological surveys were conducted for wildlife including for birds, badgers, bats and otters. The results of these surveys demonstrated the rich diversity of wildlife that uses the White Cart. It is therefore essential that these surveys are carried out and data refreshed to ensure that all necessary measures are put in place to protect both the animals and habitat as much as possible.

To that extent detailed discussions have already been held with SNH and ecological surveys commenced in June 2017.

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