White Cart Water Flood Prevention Scheme

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Contract 2 - scope

Contract 2 comprises the construction of approximately 4.5km of flood defence walls and embankments along sections of the White Cart Water and Auldhouse Burn together with the raising of two footbridges and the construction of six underground pumping stations. The map below shows those areas where flood defences will be constructed as part of this contract.

The following table summarises the construction works to be undertaken at each of the Work Sections identified in the plan above:


In some areas e.g. Spean Street, prior to the flood defence works commencing it is necessary to divert existing pipes and cables. This work will be carried out by the utility companies (BT, Scottish Power, Thus etc) over the next six months.

In most areas the first activity to be carried out is securing the site with new fencing which will be followed by tree felling and site clearance.

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